Ian Boyne Joins Shoot Poor People School of Crime Fighting

Parody Press Release For Immediate Release: The “Shoot Poor People” School of Crime Fighting is proud to announce, with immediate effect, the appointment of Ian Boyne as Visiting Professor for the Curtailment of Constitutional Rights. Professor Boyne, joins a long list of other distinguished faculty members who are on the cutting edge of curtailing the rights of Jamaicans indefinitely without any guarantee of a commensurate … Continue reading Ian Boyne Joins Shoot Poor People School of Crime Fighting

St. Paula of Perpetual Excuses

The 2016 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR) says that Jamaica’s prosecutors have “a chronic inability to secure prompt convictions” for corruption and drug-running. Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn once again spends more time prosecuting her critics in the court of public opinion than she does prosecuting criminals in a court of law. Continue reading St. Paula of Perpetual Excuses


I distinctly recall  that when the $500 bill was being released it took on a nick-name “Nanny” based on the heroine that was depicted on its face. Since then we have had a $1000 bill released and a now there is news that a $5000 bill is slated to be released. How great it would be if people took to calling the new $5000 bill a “wutless” … Continue reading Wutless?

The Attack of the Killer Jamaican Cops

Recently a channel to which I subscribe on Youtube, by an independent film-making company, posted a video about Jamaica’s police. I’m ambivalent about the video. For example the narrator says that in the ’80s politicians greedy for votes gave out guns. No mention of the Cold War, Manley seeming to embrace Communism, and American foreign policy interests in the violence. Also, sadly, Mark Shields is … Continue reading The Attack of the Killer Jamaican Cops